What is a domain TLD

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain; it is the portion of a web address to the right of the dot, for instance, the “.org” in bestdomainhosting.org  It is also often referred to as a domain extension.

For instance a full URL (Uniform Resource Locator) structure might look something like this:

Uniform Resource Locator Structure

  • The subdomain is a non-required piece that comes first, usually in the form of a shop or blog.
  • The Domain Name, with extension, comes after the subdomain. To make things even more confusing, it is the LAST [.com] TLD in a URL.
  • It’s common to have a couple of folders in a URL structure but, keep in mind these aren’t necessarily folders even, more commonly lately they’re just the type of data that you’re accessing. (for example, /author/ just indicates that it’s an author page.)
  • Lastly, the file name, though as I mentioned with folders, it’s pretty common for this to be a resource that is generated dynamically when a browser visits that URL rather than it be a physical file.

TLDs are generally split into two categories:

    • ccTLDs are Country Code TLDs, such as .US, .CA, and .UK
    • gTLDs are Generic TLDs and include .COM, .NET, and .ORG. Generic TLDs also include new TLDs such as .NINJA, .ATTORNEY, and .VEGAS, among many others

The most common TLDs that we see, and sell at Best Website and Hosting are the generic TLDs; .com, .us, and .org. Though there are new ones coming out ALL the time and some of the cooler more vanity TLDs are .design, .boutique, .photo, and .video.

Hop over to Best Website and Hosting and shop for your perfect domain name, and if there is a TLD that you want and we haven’t added yet; just let me know!