How to choose a good domain name for your business

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The best way, and the most common way to choose a domain name for your business is to use the business name itself. Since it’s a commercial entity you’ll also want to use a .com TLD or a vanity TLD

Here’s a quick list for choosing a good domain name for your business

  • Pick a TLD (extension .com or a vanity TLD that matches your type of business)
  • Do not use abbreviations, initializations, or special characters.
  • Use keywords
  • Keep it short and SIMPLE (easy to read, easy to spell)
  • Make it unique



Pick a TLD that matches your business

Ain’t nobody want to click your .food domain and end up on your game stream. You can shop for the perfect domain name to fit your unique business and it doesn’t even have to break the bank.

Use keywords

If all else fails, you can use keywords AS your domain name. BestDomainHosting wasn’t something we wanted to name our site, it’s what a keyword tool TOLD us to use. You can find keyword tools all over the place but, the best free one is Google keywords planner.

Keep it short and SIMPLE

Remember, people are going to be reading and typing these, if you’ve got a 55 character tweet for a domain name, they aren’t going to remember it – or spell it right.

Make it unique

Just like your business, this should be unique and brandable. It doesn’t do much good if it gets confused with every other little shop.

Do Not

Do not use abbreviations

(for locale – UT for Utah; county, or area; or anything else for that matter.) People don’t remember things as they are abbreviated, abbreviations ruin words and make your domain name hard to read, and harder to remember. The only time this is okay is in a TLD.

Do not use initializations

The same as abbreviations, I’ve screwed this one up when I made nobody, NOBODY cares about my initials being the first bit of it. They won’t care if it’s yours either.

Do not use special characters

When’s the last time you mixed up dash with slash? Is exclamation for screaming? Aside from our pal, dash, special characters aren’t allowed in domain names anyway but, don’t use them on your card, signage, brochure, or anything else for that matter. Keep them out.

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