.дети is run by a non-profit organization meant to help do what parents have wanted to accomplish since the Internet came into existence – create a safe Internet space for parents and children online. .дети will be reserved for games, blogs, news sources, educational services, scholarly sources, and any other type of webpage that caters to kids and teens. .дети will be a go-to TLD for parents, librarians, teachers, and any other guardian looking to guide kids and teens to appropriate online browsing.
The Catholic Church is working to better connect its global community by offering domain extensions in scripts beyond Roman characters, in order to help more Internet users find their connection with the Church. As part of this program, the Cyrillic .католик allows churches, charity groups, missionaries, and congregations to connect with one another online and do outreach in Cyrillic communities by using a recognizable and internationalized TLD.
As the Internet expands to include non-Roman characters, Cyrillic users will have an opportunity to define their own Web space with TLDs like .ком. This domain extension can be used as flexibly as .com, with the added benefit of being able to provide customers, visitors, and other businesses the ability to find sites with fully Cyrillic names. .ком helps the online world become more global, and supports interconnectivity among the Cyrillic community.
As Russia’s capital and cultural, economic, scientific, artistic, and educational center, Moscow has a boundless global presence. With the addition of .москва, Moscow’s Web presence is boundless, too. .москва is the perfect domain for anyone who lives, works, or networks in Moscow and is searching for a more marketable way to designate being a Moscow-based Web user. .москва can be used for by anybody with connections to this capital city, for any personal, business, or charitable interest.
As a gateway into a fully internationalized domain namespace for Internet users in Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, and in the Balkan region, .онлайн provides a Cyrillic TLD specially tailored for this purpose. онлайн is a broadly recognized term in the Cyrillic community, meaning that .онлайн is positioned to be a popular and diverse TLD. .онлайн is perfect for any business, individual or organization that wants to help define this new Internet namespace.
For community groups, schools, non-profits, and open-source groups in Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Bosnia, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Macedonia, there is a new option for .ORG. .OPR provides an internationalized transliteration of .ORG for members of the Cyrillic community, so organizations can reach more people in their own local network by providing domain names that do not need to be translated, making it easier than ever to develop these groups online.
For members of the Rus-Cyrillic community, .PYC is more than just a TLD meant to represent Russian culture, as it might be misrepresented by translation, but rather a historical and culturally grounded domain extension meant to connect the network of people who trace their roots to Kievan Rus, a culture that traces its roots back 1,000 years to Kiev, Ukraine. .PYC is perfect for any person, group, or organization that feels tied to this vibrant culture and wants a unique way to express that pride online.
.сайт opens the Internet to Cyrillic users by allowing a fully internationalized domain experience. This domain extension is both open and generic, meaning it’s perfect for any application and can be registered by any individual, group, or business looking to develop the Cyrillic Web and help define the community of Cyrillic users. .сайт symbolizes a push for a more modern Internet that embraces non-Roman characters and is increasingly diversifying.
.קום, or .COM, in Hebrew, provides Web users reading and writing in Hebrew the ability to market themselves and search for businesses online without transcribing into Roman characters. .קום is tailored specifically for users living and working in Israel, but it’s also great for the expansive and ever-growing Hebrew-speaking community around the globe. Because .קום offers the same flexibility as .COM, it can be used by any individual, company, or group for any reason.
.اتصالات is the branded TLD for the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, or Etisalat, which is located in Abu Dhabi and is the largest telecommunication company in the Middle East and Africa. This domain extension provides a brand-specific namespace for Etisalat, an increasingly popular corporation, to better market and communicate with Arabic-speaking Internet users, and to create a trademarked domain string that is fully internationalized for more efficient networking and more visible promotion.
.بازار offers a TLD that has the same meaning in all countries and cultures that use Arabic to communicate, and as such it’s an invaluable marketing tool for e-commerce storefronts looking to both foster the development of the Arabic Web and establish a marketable and transparent online presence. This TLD is perfect for any retailer, reviewer, coupon site, consumer blogging platform, or sizing site that is based in a region that speaks Arabic or operates a hub in an Arabic country.
.شبكة opens a new world for the Arabic Internet community in which domain names can be typed entirely in Arabic, instead of by using Roman-character extensions. .شبكة, because it is a generalized and open TLD, can be used by any individual, group, or company looking to secure a domain name in the Arabic Web community, including e-commerce storefronts, charity groups, writers, bloggers, news organizations, community forums, and any other application imaginable.
.عرب is supported by the League of Arab States and is meant to develop an Arabic online presence with a fully internationalized domain extension. People, groups, and businesses in the Arab world will now be able to secure domain names that relate specifically to the Arabic language, and can therefore reach a broader demographic of people who read and write in Arabic. This TLD is perfect for anyone living, working, or networking in Arab-speaking countries.
.كاثوليك is one of the first Arabic TLDs and represents the Catholic Church and its mission, goals, message, and tenets. For those looking to connect with other Catholics in regions that use Arabic characters, this domain extension will provide an easily identifiable marker that maintains its credibility by remaining exclusive to the Catholic Church and its members. Perfect for any group, individual, or organization affiliated with the Catholic Church.
.كوم offers a fully internationalized domain name transliteration of .COM, meaning that the Arabic community has a new frontier to shape and can move toward creating a more accessible local Internet network. This TLD can be used with as much flexibility as .COM, making it perfect for virtually any purpose. It can be registered by any group, business, or organization that is either a part of the Arabic community or that markets using Arabic script.
.موقع provides more domain namespace for the 65 billion Internet users that speak Arabic, and as such represents a valuable digital commodity. The demand for TLDs like this, which are broadly defined transliterations of already successful Roman-character extensions, is already very high, ensuring a marketable presence that has the added benefit of being fully internationalized. As such, this domain is perfect for any business, group, or individual for any purpose.
.همراه is for the tens of millions of Persian Internet users looking for another way to expand their online community. This TLD embodies the spirit of partnership and togetherness, making it the perfect option for teams, groups, organizations, activists, and anyone who wants to broaden their community and reach. This extension is broadly defined, meaning it can be used for a multitude of different purposes and is sure to be a popular option for Persian users from countries all over the world.
For the first time in the history of the Internet, users who type in Nagari will be able to own completely internationalized domain names. .कॉम opens a new market for India and Nepal, by allowing companies, individuals, and organizations to identify culturally on the Web. .कॉम is perfect for anyone marketing online in Nagari who is looking to a way to connect with the market in these regions without having to ask new users to learn how to translate into Roman script.
.नेट is the perfect TLD for any individual, group, or business that writes and markets in Devanagari, because it offers a fully internationalized option for the popular .NET extension. .नेट is a recognizable and flexibly defined domain namespace that can be used for any purpose. For the first time, users in India and Nepal will have TLDs that market to potential customers in Devanagari. Developing these extensions helps strengthen the online Devanagari community.
The introduction of .ORG allowed community organizations all over the world an opportunity to secure domain names that signaled credibility. Now, .संगठन opens the same possibilities to the Nagari-speaking Internet population by establishing a fully internationalized option for .ORG. Community organization within India, Nepal, and other Nagari-speaking communities now have a domain name option that users can easily recognize, providing these groups with a broader online reach.
For the over 60 million people living and working in Thailand, .คอม offers the first internationalized Thai version of .COM. Over 20,000 second-level domains are registered in internationalized Thai characters already, meaning that .คอม will both allow those users to adopt domain names that can be more easily recognized by Thais, and that the Internet has become more open to the Thai community that hasn’t branched online yet. Just like .COM, this domain extension can be used for any purpose.
.コム is the new Japanese .COM, signifying a unique Web frontier for users in Japan. Now Japanese trademark owners and website operators can secure fully internationalized domain names and become a part of the burgeoning Japanese Internet network. This TLD, like .COM, can be used for any purpose, and is available to any individual, group, or organization that either lives, works, or is based in Japan, or markets to Japan as part of a global promotion campaign.
As the Internet becomes more global by introducing internationalized TLDs, .みんな (everyone) offers yet another way to connect and network through domain extension types. .みんな is a flexible, fun, and unique domain namespace that can be used by any individual or group, for any purpose, from planning events, blogging about relevant trends, or creating Web forums for community development, specifically in the Japanese market. The Internet provides a tool for connection and .みんな makes shaping a piece of it easier for the average user.
Over 78 million people in the world speak Korean, and although there are millions of second-level domain registrations in Korean language characters, up until now, there have not been internationalized TLDs available for catering to this expansive Internet market. .닷넷 creates an online hub for Korean speakers. As a companion to the popular .NET TLD, .닷넷 provides a recognizable domain name extension with the added benefit of being fully internationalized.
For Internet users that speak Korean, the .COM world just grew a lot bigger. .닷컴 offers an internationalized TLD for Hungul script users who would normally have to translate their domain extensions into Roman characters. Since this TLD is a new domain frontier, there are unlimited possibilities for how to use it. Like .COM, .닷컴 can be used by any person, organization, or company for any reason.
.世界 provides an online hub for China, which is home to over half the population of Internet users. Because this TLD is unrestricted and open to the public for registration, .世界 is a great domain extension for everyone living and working in China, as well as users linked to China via cultural or business ties. .世界 can also be registered in English, making it possible to bridge the gap between English and Mandarin speakers and provide a more international Web experience.
.中文网 is for any person, group, or organization that either owns a domain name ending in a Roman script TLD and wants to expand into the Chinese market or that is looking to own a piece of the new fully Internationalized Web by taking advantage of domain extensions that are broadly defined, allowing for flexibility, and in Chinese, thereby expanding to a new group of Internet users. .中文网 is open to any user, for any purpose, from e-commercial storefronts to community forums.
One of the many perks of internationalized TLDs is that the Chinese marketplace will finally have the diversity and space needed to grow, as well as develop a user-friendly searchable network of webpages that have identifying domain extensions. .企业 helps achieve both of these goals by providing a TLD for businesses that opens more availability and options for domain names and also helps increase visibility by enabling users to identify the type of webpage they’re looking for.
The Guangdong province the most populous province in China and boasts the highest-ranking GDP due to its exporting and manufacturing sectors. .佛山 helps represent this region online by lending a geographically specific TLD to Foshan, an industrial and cultural metropolis within this province that relies on strong global ties to maintain a robust market. Anyone living in Foshan can benefit from this extension, which provides a fully internationalized TLD for better marketing and networking.
.信息 is a generic-term TLD, meaning that its use is open for interpretation by the individuals, groups, and businesses that choose to register it. .信息 can be used for information sharing, networking, e-storefronts, community forums, and more. This domain extension is meant to add to the diversity of the internationalized TLD market by providing yet another option for Chinese speaking Internet users, who make up the most populous group on the Web, and are disproportionately underrepresented in TLDs.
With more options than ever concerning nutrition, exercise, education, and stress relief, .健康 will help Internet users discern web content meant to help make educated choices about heath – whether health of mind, body, or spirit. .健康 provides a fully internationalized TLD, so that domain strings will be easier to recognize, meaning healthful content will be easier to find. This extension is perfect for any person, company, or group looking to market healthy products, services, or advice centers.
Gossip is a media mainstay and one of the entertainment industry’s primary ways to keep the public interested in famous figures. .八卦 offers a domain namespace uniquely suited for the gossip industry, and can be used by any individual or business that centers on reporting the latest, greatest gossip, or writing about the best gossip of the past in a historical context. .八卦 makes it easy to find the most up-to-date and relevant gossip on the Web.
For businesses in China, there is now another TLD option. .公司 expands online marketing for companies either based in Chinese speaking countries or companies that market in China. This domain extension can be used by any group, business, or individual for any purpose, but it’s specially tailored for entities seeking to develop an online presence as a business. Use as a storefront or as an extension to a current website for marketing and promotion.
.公益 is the perfect TLD for public interest organizations and groups for registering more transparent and recognizable domain names, using fully internationalized domain extensions. .公益 provides a namespace specifically designed for any public interest group that either resides in China or works in China to help market goals and objectives to the public in order to gain more exposure and better serve all public service purposes.
The Chinese marketplace is ever-expanding, and offering dynamic TLD options helps business owners branch out online and generate more contacts, conversions, and revenue. .商城 provides a domain extension for brick-and-mortar shopping mall locations to expand online, and for e-commercial sites to network with more fluidity in order to better advertise and promote sales and special events, making .商城 perfect for any store owner who wants to develop online.
Because China has such an expansive online reach, it is one of the fastest developing e-commercial marketplaces in the world. . 商店 offers a domain namespace for Chinese commerce that allows users to type completely in Mandarin, and also acts as a bridge between China and other e-commerce markets. . 商店 is perfect for any person or business in China looking to establish an online storefront, or for any person or business outside of China, developing a foothold in this growing market.
China’s global marketplace represents over 5 million trademarked companies, services, and products. China experiences a high volume of intellectual property concerns in relation to its expansive export industry, and .商标 (“trademark”) introduces a solution to the trademark credibility problem. By registering a .商标 extension, businesses ensure their company belongs to a community of rights holders who strengthen intellectual property rights by explicitly signifying trademark ownership to other businesses and consumers.
Anyone looking for a domain name in the .COM world knows that most market-specific names are taken. With the addition of new internationalized TLDs like .在线, users no longer have to worry about not being able to register the most relevant domain name, and can find broad, flexible extension alternatives that offer healthy competition to traditional options, making this TLD perfect for any person, group, or business for any reason. .在线 can fit any domain name need.
.大拿 joins the new group of Chinese TLDs in offering Internet users another way to communicate domain name strings completely in Mandarin. Although the concept of .NET is not new to Web surfers, the .大拿 extension is. Because .大拿 is an extension that embodies the tech generation, but is also a generic term open for interpretation, it can be registered by anybody, for virtually any purpose, making it a perfect choice for business owners, bloggers, and organizations alike.
.天主教 represents the Catholic Church and its expanding missionary reach into China. With this TLD, the Catholic Church hopes to develop outreach and community networking in the Chinese cultural Internet mainstream. . 天主教 will be the definitive TLD for the Catholic Church in China, and is perfect for any church, individual, or company directly associated with the Catholic Church and looking to help proliferate the message and teachings of Catholicism in China.
For event planners, venues, theatres, bands, artists, galleries, publications, gaming centers, sports teams, and people planning special events, .娱乐 is the perfect TLD to use in order to promote services and happenings in the entertainment industry. .娱乐 is for individuals, companies, and organizations that specialize in entertainment services, and provides a market-specific namespace that is also fully internationalized, in order to better connect with consumers in the Chinese market.
.工行 represents the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and provides a trademarked extension for the ICBC, as the Internet expands to include internationalized TLDs. The ICBC is the largest bank in the world, and one of the four major banks in China. By securing .工行, the ICBC can continue to develop into the International marketplace and better reach the ever-growing population of Internet users that speak, write, and read in Chinese.
.微博 is meant specifically for the micro-blogging platform that shares its name, and can be used to help proliferate this type of unique online communication. .微博 better connects Internet users and provides a way to increase the functionality of 微博 itself. This extension is perfect for any individual, business, or group looking to market itself on social media in order to increase organic site traffic and utilize this micro-blogging service more effectively.
Although charities are not working to make a profit, they rely on the same business and marketing strategies to successfully raise the awareness, funds, and supplies needed to accomplish goals. .慈善 helps charities better market themselves to potential donors, volunteers, and people in need by providing an easily-identifiable domain extension that is also fully internationalized. Now charities can more easily build online communities and gain the support needed to grow.
The average age of Internet users in China is 18-30, and this young, vibrant group is looking for more dynamic ways to interact with the Web. .我爱你 provides an option for Internet users demanding flexible and fun TLDs that can be used for a multitude of purposes. .我爱你 is perfect for e-cards businesses, wedding planners and venues, dating sites, or any individual who wants to express their feelings of love in a technologically savvy and unique way.
The .手机 TLD provides a domain namespace for all government institutions, businesses, organizations, educational institutions, charity groups, and individual users to register domain names using a fully internationalized extension that also embodies a Chinese cultural buzzword. .手机 can be used for a variety of purposes, making it the perfect TLD to register for marketing in Chinese to Web users who are connected more and more through the mobile market.
In today’s global marketplace, employment can be a whole new ballgame. These days, companies employ people with a variety of specialties in a variety of locations, and finding the right person in any given area is a challenge. .招聘 offers a TLD up to that challenge, and helps employers find the right person for any job by facilitating an identifiable namespace meant to recruit prospective talent and advertise new positions—so building a great staff can be easier.
Through multiple outreach programs, the Chinese government made it possible for citizens in rural areas to be a part of the online world. Internationalized domain names played a huge part in making the Internet more accessible; being able to type and read in one’s own language facilitates greater comfort and ease with technology. .政务 further promotes this development by offering an internationalized option for .GOV, making it easier for government entities to reach out to the communities they serve.
.政府 is an innovative TLD in that it offers a third-party, neutrally administered domain extension for all governments, local and large-scale, that communicate in Chinese. One in every six people speak Chinese in the world, making this extension a widely-anticipated addition to the internationalized domain extensions paving the way for Internet users worldwide. .政府 can be used for any governmental purpose, whether to promote local events or network between governments.
People are more likely to get their news online than from a print source, and .新闻 provides a virtual hub for digital news of any type, with the added benefit of being in Chinese. Now Chinese news sources have a more marketable and convenient domain extension for reaching target demographics and building online viewership. .新闻 is meant for any person, group, or business that creates, reports, or discusses news, whether on a large-scale or local level.
The fashion world thrives on modernity, technology, and change, making the Internet a perfect space to market fashion, share design ideas, and report new trends, shows, and designers. .时尚 offers a TLD specific to the fashion industry that provides flexibility in use and promotes access to more online viewers by building an easily identifiable microsphere in the online world. .时尚 is available to any group, individual, or company that helps define vogue.
.机构 provides an internationalized gTLD option for the popular .ORG extension. Now non-profits, educational institutes, open-source projects, and community groups have a tailor-fitted domain name that will be more easily accessible to the Chinese-speaking community. .机构 operates as an open registry, so it can be used by any group, individual, or business for any purpose, and because it’s a new gTLD, this extension offers unlimited opportunities for domain names.
Shenzhen is southern China’s major economic center and boasts strong growth as well as developed connections to the global marketplace. .深圳 is meant to help this region continue to flourish by better connecting businesses based in Shenzhen with the rest of the world, and by providing a recognizable namespace for Shenzhen’s citizens. .深圳 can be used for any webpage, and is particularly suited for individuals, organizations, institutions, and businesses that either market to Shenzhen or call it home.
Two thirds of China’s Internet users, who make up the largest cultural section of online users, identify as gamers. For this expansive market, there is now a new TLD that offers a fully internationalized Chinese script option for companies, magazines, and individuals in the gaming world. .游戏 may fit perfectly for the online gaming industry, but it also provides a namespace for any gaming business, whether focused on sports, puzzles, board games, or community events.
.点看 is a simplified transliteration of .COM in Han, meant to accommodate the ever-increasing Chinese speaking Internet community, which now represents almost half of all Internet users. .点看 provides an option for individuals, companies, and organizations using Han to communicate online, who want to offer fully internationalized domain names to users in order to better serve the way Chinese users read, interact, and find information on the Web.
Every year, the Internet becomes more mobile as users continue to migrate to surfing on mobile devices rather than using laptop or desktop computers. As such, it’s important to offer mobile-friendly sites, services, and technology. For the businesses that do, .移动 offers the perfect platform for marketing to a mobile generation. This TLD lets customers know that content will be relevant to finding new mobile technology or services, or that content will be easy to read on a smartphone or tablet.
IDNs have made it possible for users around the world to interact with the Web in their own native language, regardless of whether or not that language is based in a Latinate script. That’s what the .网址 (website) TLD provides for China – an opportunity to input completely recognizable domain names. .网址 helps create a community online for Chinese users to find easily recognizable sites and better navigate searches and information.
.网店 offers another extension for e-commercial sites to expand into a Chinese-specific marketplace. This TLD can be used by any individual, group, or business that markets products online, either as an extension of a physical location, or as a singular Web entity. Visibility is one of the primary modes of marketing and promotion, and .网店 helps e-businesses stay relevant in the fast-paced Internet environment by providing a fully internationalized domain name relevant to business owners.
Each year the number of people online grows, and having a website has become more of a necessity than a commodity. .网站 offers the perfect TLD for any website because it is a broadly defined open registry extension. Because .网站 can be used by any individual, group, or company, its use is boundless, but it lends itself well to web development companies, hosting services, graphic artists, software developers, marketing experts, and anyone else who works helping others build and maintain websites.
The amount of Chinese webpages increased 44 percent between 2010 and 2011 alone, resulting in an end figure of 86 billion Chinese language webpage registrations. In order to better meet the demand of this expansive market, which represents the most populous Internet user group, .网络 offers a fully internationalized option for registration that’s tailored for networks, in any definition or capacity, and can be used by Chinese users to better communicate within a more localized network.
.联通 represents China Unicom, the third largest telecommunications company in the world. This TLD provides a secure namespace for Unicom, in order to maintain a credible Web presence by operating a closed brand registry that caters directly to the company, its employees, and its customers. By restricting registration, Unicom creates an online experience for their customers that eliminates consumer confusion and facilitates a stronger, more unified online presence.
.购物 represents one of the most popular activities on the Web, and provides the perfect TLD for businesses that rely on a visible online presence to find new customers and increase conversion rates. .购物 expands the world of the Internet to include market-specific domain extensions specially tailored for the Chinese Internet community, making this a perfect domain for anyone who owns a business based in China, or who markets in China and is looking for a more effective strategy.
.集团 is TLD tailored specifically for businesses who market in Chinese, both based in China and in other areas of the world. Businesses stand out on the Web when they’re easily identifiable in a search, or by a user perusing the Internet. .集团 acts as a signpost, to help direct users to websites run by business groups that are serious about marketing in an accessible way.
.餐厅 is a TLD specifically tailored for the restaurant business. Use it to promote a new opening, release special event menus, advertise promotions, or to increase an online presence. .餐厅 is also suited for restaurant reviewers, or wine, liquor, and food distributors looking to increase sales. By offering an industry-specific domain extension, this TLD helps restaurateurs build an online niche market and better reach new customers while innovating social media marketing strategies.
Just as .大拿 opens the world of domain names to China, so too does .點看, a TLD purposed for enabling Chinese Internet users. No longer will Web users in China have to translate domain extensions into Roman characters. .點看 offers an alternative to the most popular domain extension on the market, .COM. Because .點看 is as versatile as its Latinate companion, it can be used for any purpose, and by any individual, group, or organization.

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